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Sc6202 Pr4401 драйвер 8115

The principle of this numbering is to attach the component number to an electrical function. The functions are grouped in 8 families. Components have a four figure number e.


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  • The first two figures indicate the function, the two following figures identify the component. The numbers for indicator lamps are preceded by the letter V e.


    Application of an alphabetical index if the interconnections are identical, e. The letter В is used, followed by a 3 figure number, e. Application of an alphabetical index if terminals are identical e. This code enables linking of the wire number to the type of supply or the electrical function.

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    Supply is broken down as follows. A: representation of an earth point. H: representation of information going to another function. I: number of the function involved. J: representation of a wire depending on vehicle specification.

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    M: representation of a splice. Q: number of interconnection ways. S: representation of a partial interconnection. T: representation of a splice. 1: identifying the harness shown.

    3: number of connector ways. 5: representation of an earth point. 6: representation of a splice. 8: identifying the harness connected. 9: for details see the box indicated.

    10: location of the harness label. B001: mixed bridge block 1. B002: mixed bridge block 2.

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