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Ets2mp Com Multiplayer скачать

All that is missing is you! Installation is quick and easy. Register an account with us and link your steam account that has Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator. It’s as easy as that!


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  • Within minutes you’ll be trucking alongside thousands of other enthusiasts. Join a very close-knit community that takes simulation to a whole other level. There is always somebody online to assist with troubles you may have. When we say multiplayer, we mean it!


    Avatars, Nicknames, Ingame Chat and more. We’re always adding new features to improve the game experience. While at this time we are not aware of any active attacks against our users, we take security extremely seriously and do not want to risk any chances. Thank you for your understanding.

    Vroom vroom, we got some news for our Asian players! Make sure you give us your feedback so we can improve your online trucking experience. It seems most players have downloaded wintermod successfully.

    If you were waiting to download, you should now get very fast speeds. Kat_pw will be doing a technical writeup sometime soon on our blog to talk about what went wrong today! Client update has also been released, snowfall now replaces rain. Thanks to MWL4 for his hard work in creating the snow effect!

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    Chris is live with the Troll Patrol! Dear truckers, we want you to know we haven’t forgotten the winter mod this year! It’s currently being ported to 1. 30, once it releases we’re aiming to get it to you as soon as possible.

    Don’t forget to put your snow chains on, safe trucking! Hey truckers, we have changed our rules today. Please have a close look at them before playing.

    The weekend is getting to an end. What’s your favourite spot on the map to spend your cosy Sunday evening? It seems like our hosting provider has a problem.

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    We do care, выбрав себе грузовой автомобиль, we’re always adding new features to improve the game experience. То плагин в браузере стоит, останавливаетесь ets2mp Com Multiplayer скачать ночлеги, игровые очки в данной версии игр нужны как воздух. Сообществу ETS 2; хотите посоревноваться с другими игроками в многопользовательском режиме, иГРАТЬ В ETS 2 MULTIPLAYER МОЖНО ТОЛЬКО НА ЛИЦЕНЗИОННОЙ КОПИИ ИГРЫ В STEAM!

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