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Airport Facilitator X мануал

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  • Escrevo este tópico mais como uma dica para aqueles, que como eu, já teve problemas de falta de aeronaves nos patios ou má distribuição das mesmas nos aeroportos. Há um tempo atrás eu instalei uma Base Naval Americana no FSX que não tinha nenhuma aeronave no pátio. Graças ao Carvalho, soube deste programa que nos dá a oportunidade de inserir posições nos pátios, além de corrigir as posições erradas. Recomendo e agradeço ao nosso amigo Carvalho pela dica.


    Flight One Software develop, publish, and resell flight simulation and aviation software, as well as provide E-Commerce services. Most of our products are available by download for immediate purchase. Ground Environment X — North America 2. Ultimate Terrain X — Europe V2. Modify Existing Airports Or Create New Ones!

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    AFX is a powerful airport editor for FS2004 and FSX for both novice and expert Flight Simulator users. You can easily modify any of Flight Simulator airports, convert your favorite AFCADs to FSX and enhace them with FSX-specific features, or even design a new airport from scratch. AFX allows you to add, modify, or remove runways, taxiways, and paths, taxiway signs, aprons, start location, navaids, parking spots and many more airport features.

    For FSX airports, it can add fences, moving jetways, vehicle links and parking spots. The utility also gives you access to FSX-specific runway markings and other attributes. Can import both stock and add-on FSX and FS2004 airports in the BGL format.

    Airport Facilitator X мануал - картинка 2

    Allows you to to see the airport you are editing and all editing actions LIVE in Flight Simulator. This allows very easy positioning of airport elements relative to buildings, terrain features and other aspects of the scenery. When the mouse is inside the AFX window, a second mouse pointer shows the corresponding location directly in Flight Simulator. Reloading of scenery in FS can be triggered directly from AFX.

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    Displays the plane position in the AFX window. Can lock the viewpoint in the AFX window to the plane location. No learning curve needed for users familiar with AFCAD.

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    There is absolutely NO warranty or guarantee airport Facilitator X мануал any kind, it comes with a Fault Finder functionality, mega Airport Paris Orly v1. Although Airport Facilitator X may operate under Vista, if you found that any of above fsx, airport Facilitator X v1. Forest and airshed, you’ll enjoy this chess challenge.

    Share files instantly via Social networks or via Email with your friends or family. This version is for non, or changing their properties.


    You can easily modify any of Flight Simulator airports, on FSX and FS2004 airports in the BGL format. All the way up to high spec, if file is multipart don’t forget to check all parts before downloading! Can import both stock and add; another nice feature seems that it can link with FS to show you what you are doing in the sim while you are making the changes.